Professor Ulveland


Spring 2021

Here you will gain access to the courses I am teaching Spring term.

Each link will take you to your course syllabus and lecture notes.

MAT ED 615 Critical Inquiry Into The Foundational Narratives of Schooling (Online)

This course examines the foundational narratives that give meaning to the modern school experience. 

ED 632 Cultural, Social, and Philosophical Issues in Education (Online)

In this course we examine issues of schooling, teaching, and learning from a variety of philosophical perspectives. We try to see how practice and perception is informed by theory and ideology. Students will frame their teaching and learning experiences by examining the role of culture, history, and narrative as it applies to schooling and learning.

ED 200 Foundations of Education (Online)

Includes historical foundations of education; education policy and practice; the system alternatives to public education; legal rights and responsibilities of teachers and students; professional development of teachers; student pluralism (bilingual / multicultural, talented and gifted, handicapping conditions, disadvantages students); current issues and effective schools. 

ED 407 Non-Licensure Seminar (Online)

In this course we will engage in activities, discussions, and assignments that will strengthen our observation and reflection skills in order to increase our understanding of educational / schooling environments. We will work to uncover particular practices and contexts of teaching in an attempt to build a foundation for our future educational work.