Course Description

This course has been developed for the Elementary MAT Students.

This course examines the foundational narratives that give meaning to the modern school experience. Historical, philosophical and societal narratives of schooling are analyzed in an attempt to better understand not only the workings of the American school system but also our lived experience as learners and teachers within the public school. Prerequisite: admission to M.A.T. : Initial Licensure Program


Course Overview


This course is an introduction to the foundational narratives of schooling. We will examine the foundations of schooling and education in an attempt to ground our own philosophical musings. We will also attempt to understand the historical context from which our schooling and educational discourse derives. We will begin to empower ourselves, as teachers, by understanding the historical and current context of schooling and education. We will also develop our own powers of critique so that we are better able to deal rationally and intellectually with schooling and education in general.


eMAT Syllabus (Click here for the syllabus)