ED 407 Response Form


ED 407 Response Form

For each documentary you watch, please: 1) give a brief summary of what the documentary is about; 2) discuss the educational significance of the documentary (in other words, what can we learn from this documentary that will inform our schooling practices or our educational practices); 3) finally, what did you find especially interesting about the documentary (in other words, is there something about the documentary that touched you, or that you can now think about that you hadn’t really considered before).

Please organize your response to each document in the following way.


ED 407 Response Form


Week: (Please indicate the week)


Video/Documentaries viewed:


Total Viewing Time:


1. Videos/Documentarys Content Summary (No more than one-half Page Summary of video/documentary):



2. The educational significance of each video: What does this tell us about schooling, teaching, learning, communities, society, etc.?  (No more than one-half page).




3. What are the biggest “take-aways” from each video for me? (No more than one-half page)