ED 200 Week One Session Two (Winter 2020)

The Early Catastrophe

Please Define

planned intervention
cumulative vocabulary growth
developmental trajectory
longitudinal study
socioeconomic status (SES)
outcome measures
checked and coded
vocabulary growth curve
utterance to be transcribed
the rate of vocabulary growth at age 3 was strongly associated with scores at age 9-10
cumulative experience
cortical development
magnitude of differences

Submission 1

Please submit your definitions to me at the beginning of Monday’s class. Thanks.


Vocabulary development chart

Using Numbers or Excel, create a spreadsheet that demonstrates the projected language development of three different SES groups over a twelve year period. Your spreadsheet must also include a chart that visually represents the differences between the three groups. When you make your chart, do not use the same numbers I used for my chart.

To simplify your calculations create a formula that, for year two, adds 10% to year one. Then use the fill down command to automatically input the formula in each subsequent cell.

Submission 2

**** Please print your spreadsheet and submit it to me at the beginning of next class. Thanks.

Want some guidance on setting this up with Excel? Just click here 🙂



The following video clip talks about Educator Disposition Assessment.

Below the video you will find a form to fill out to see where you rate yourself in terms of dispositions.  Please work the the video and the form.




EDA – WOU Educator Disposition Form

Submission 3

When you are finished rating yourself, please write up a short summary to me describing where you place yourself in each category. Tell me your strengths in terms of the stated dispositions and tell me the areas you will work on to ensure you meet the required standards.

**** Please print off your Disposition Summary and give it to me at the beginning of our next class.