ED 407 Week One Part One

You will notice that this part has a total of four documentaries. The first is TEACH, the following three are from the series The School That Turned Chinese. Please watch all four documentaries and fill out your Response Form.

When you write up your responses, please feel free to limit yourself to one response form for TEACH and one response form for the three episodes of The School That Turned Chinese.


Just click on the TEACH link below for Films on Demand.


We all have had a teacher who’s shaped us, inspired us, even scared us, and whom we can credit with having empowered us to become who we are today. To look at education in America, Oscar-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim brings us his third documentary TEACH, which asks the question, What does it take to be a teacher? Offering a rare glimpse inside four public school classrooms, Guggenheim invites us to follow the struggles and triumphs of America’s education system through the eyes, minds, and hearts of its most essential resource: teachers. Intense and emotional, this year-in-the-life of four public school teachers illustrates how tenacity, innovation, and a passion drives these educators as they navigate the ups and downs of the 2013 school year.




The School That Turned Chinese


In a unique experiment, five teachers from China take over the education of 50 teenagers in a Hampshire school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education system can teach Britain a lesson. Will the harsh regime of long days and strict discipline produce superior students? Or will the clash of two cultures create chaos in the classroom? After four weeks, the Chinese and British systems will go head to head with the whole year group taking exams to see which teaching style gets the best results. Day one of the experiment proves a shock for everyone, and there are tears when the teenagers discover just how competitive the Chinese teachers expect them to be. A BBC Production.


The School That Turned Chinese: Episode 1



You get the idea.

The School That Turned Chinese: Episode 2




The School That Turned Chinese: Episode 3