ED 200 Week Two Session One (Winter 2020)*

Hi Everyone,

2. Learning differences. The teacher understands individual differences in culture, language, and socioeconomic status of his or her students, incorporating them in teaching to create inclusive learning plans. Teachers use this understanding to adapt their lesson plan content and delivery to ensure that they promote and encourage diversity, particularly for students who have special needs. Teachers respect these individual differences, believe that all students can achieve at high levels, make students feel valued, and assist students in realizing their full potential. (Matthew Lynch)


We have been talking about our inability to multi-task. I have been urging all of you to put away your other media devices while in class and while studying.

Could I have your attention please? We can feel our attention shift from the faces to the vase.





Learning and memory. Hmmmm. I wonder what attention has to do with memory?


Effects of Multitasking




Willingham says our short term memory has a small capacity. Does this say anything about multitasking?

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Why the Human Brain Can’t Multitask





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Joanne Cantor: What Research Says about Multitasking


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Peter Doolittle: How your “working memory” makes sense of the world





Working Memory