ED 200 Week Five Part 3 (Spring 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Last day we began looking seriously at background knowledge and the role that it plays in short term memory as well as perception and understanding.

Bottom line–without background knowledge you don’t have anything to draw on when you are trying to perceive something or think about something. In addition, you will not remember as well, learn as fast, or learn as much as someone who experiences the same thing but comes to the experience with more background knowledge than you.

Today we will finish reading this chapter on background knowledge.

Please read pages 28 – 39 in the following chapter and then answer the accompanying questions.



Fourth Response Question Set Continues

Question 10: Please explain what “chunking” means.

Question 11: Why is background knowledge so important to reading?

Question 12: What is meant when we say, “Background knowledge is necessary for cognitive skills?”

Question 13: What is meant when we say, “Factual knowledge improves memory?”

Question 14: Why is it that those who start with more knowledge than others gain more knowledge than others when trying to learn the same thing?


Next class with we spend some more time going into depth on the importance of background knowledge and vocabulary development.

Until then 🙂