ED 200 Week Two Part 3 (Fall 2020)

Hi everyone,

Today we will be watching the documentary School of the Future.

I will pose questions that will continue our explorations into the meaning of education and the purpose of education.

Please refer back to Lesson One if you have difficulty accessing this documentary from this page. This documentary can be found at our library’s films on demand section.

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School of the Future Full Video (01:53:33)


Once the envy of the world, American schools are now in trouble. Can the science of learning— including new insights from neuroscientists, psychologists, and educators—reveal how kids’ brains work and tell us which techniques are most likely to engage and inspire growing minds? Teachers, students, parents, and scientists take center stage as NOVA explores a new vision for the School of the Future.


Second Question Set

12. Presumably different students, from different communities and from different backgrounds have very unique needs when it comes to schooling. Regardless of zip code, what is the least that schools should be offering students? (consider the idea of equality)

13. What is meant by the statement that we have to prepare students for adaptability?

14. What was the research finding from researchers at the University of Oregon’s brain development lab regarding the ability to focus and socioeconomic status?

15. What role might parents play in closing the achievement gap?

16. How important is reading in closing the achievement gap?

17. What was being argued when the researcher said that they found a very notable correlation between Broca’s area and socio-economic status?

18. What does neuroplasticity mean?

19. How does retrieval practices play into students’ development of long term retention (creating robust memories)?

20. You will hear about ‘grit’ when you are in the education program or in the public schools. What is meant by ‘grit’ in this documentary?

21. What is Learnstorm?

22. How can student counseling services help students succeed?

23. Recall, I talked about the ‘purpose of schooling/education’ last day. When you think about the purpose of education, and you think about the school of the future, how does the school of the future take into account the purpose of education? Or, another way to word this would be, how do people think about education in the school of the future?

There we have it — the end of Week Two. Don’t send in your Second Set of Questions yet. You will still have more to add to the second set next week.

Have a nice rest of your day 🙂