ED 200 Week Five Part 1 (Fall 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Well here we are into week five of our ED 200 Class.

Last week we looked at the concept of intelligence. This week I would like to have a look at the brain of one of the most intelligent scientists from our past–Albert Einstein. By seeing how his brain may have differed from ours, we will gain some insight into the workings of the brain. We will learn how we might remember things for tests better, and we will learn some reasons why some of us ‘choke’ under pressure.

After today we will start to examine the idea of background knowledge.



How Smart Can We Get? Full Video (52:48)


How do you get a genius brain? Is it all in your genes? Or is it hard work? Is it possible that everyone’s brain has untapped genius–just waiting for the right circumstances so it can be unleashed? From a man who can immediately name the day of the week of any date in history to a “memory athlete” who can remember strings of hundreds of random numbers, David Pogue meets people stretching the boundaries of what the human mind can do. Then, Pogue puts himself to the test: after high-resolution scanning, he finds out how the anatomy of his brain measures up against the greatest mind of the century: Albert Einstein


Third Response Set Questions

Question 16: Did Einstein have a ‘freakishly’ different brain?

Question 17: Why does the brain have so many folds?

Question 18: What is the parietal lobe in the brain responsible for?

Question 19: What is the pre-frontal cortex responsible for?

Question 20: How do memory champions use visual memory techniques to remember things?


That’s it for today 🙂

Until next time, have a great day!