ED 200 Week Seven Part 1 (Fall 2020)

Hi Everyone,

We have just spent the last couple of lectures giving some thought to memory and memory models. Today we will begin a short journey into understanding more about the brain. As we develop a better understanding of the brain, and just how memory works, we will be in a better position to interpret some of the schooling narratives that shape our practice. Over the next three lessons we will explore “learning,” “child development,” and “adolescent development.”


Learn Full Video (54:16)

Explore the surprising ways your brain and body adapt to your environment throughout your life. See how your experiences can not only change your brain, but also your body, and even your genetic blueprint. Distributed by PBS Distribution.

Fourth Question Set

Question 20: In a few sentences, please state some of the most important points regarding learning stated in this documentary.

Question 21 : How might we apply these understandings (things we know about learning) to the way we structure our schooling environments?