ED 610 Week Seven (Fall 2020)

Hi Everyone,

This week I wanted to focus two different aspects. The first comes from the Knowles’ text having to do with problems that novice trainers often encounter. The second is something I have developed in the theme section having to do with the elderly. Isn’t there a saying that says 80 is the old 60. Our senior population is more vibrant than ever with attitudes and interests that deserve our attention. Thus, in the theme section this week I have developed a two themes that may offer us new insights into our aging population. Knowing what we know now about andragogy, it is easier for us to think of specific ways we might create educational environments that would benefit the elderly as well as ourselves.


Weekly Summary Section

This week I have two chapters for you to look over. You will get a sense immediately whether or not this information will be of value to you. The first is a learning style inventory. It is important to note that this is not the same sort of “learning styles” you have been exposed to in the last number of years suggesting that students were visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners (that has long been debunked). This learning inventory is more of a self assessment for facilitators and trainers. If this is a role you perceive taking on in some capacity, this might broaden your perspectives and understandings in some way.

Personal Adult Learning Ch17


The next chapter describes a study that speaks to the 12 most common training delivery problems novice trainers experience and expert solutions to these problems. The abstract reads:

The authors surveyed 371 trainers who were asked to recall training
delivery problems or difficulties they experienced as novices. The
analysis of their 1,098 responses conclude that novice trainers faced
12 common training delivery problems. Twenty expert trainers were
subsequently surveyed and asked to present successful strategies for
dealing with the 12 training delivery problems. The analysis of their
responses concludes with a synthesis of the common training delivery
problems experienced by novices and the experts’ advice on how
to solve these problems.

Once again, you will know to what extent this is of value to your own endeavors. Regardless, it is something with which you should be familiar as someone with expertise in the field of adult education. So I would urge you to at least look at this.

As always, Knowles’ work is a bit dated now in dealing with what was available as far as our technological environments and the availability of a variety of technologies. Thus we do have to interpret some of the results in terms of the environments we are working in. Even so, the basics or the fundamental human interaction questions continue to be relevant.

Training Delivery Ch18



Theme Section

At this point you may be well into your project and not interested in considering the following theme. However, I have put together a theme that deals with andragogy and the elderly. This is an important consideration for the educator now more than ever. We have the largest, and arguably the most vibrant, population of seniors to date. For you, as someone well versed in andragogy, this is probably an important area for you to consider. If you are developing your expertise in training, business opportunities, technology access and education, and compassionate interactions, it is difficult to avoid addressing some of the andragogical issues related to the elderly.

The first theme, The Elderly,  is a theme that has a number of research articles and a couple of documentaries.

Theme: The Elderly


This next theme, How To Stay Young is very important for those who are leaning about andragogy. The following theme speaks to the need to redefine aging as well as understanding how seniors are thinking about their own care and abilities. This is especially important as we consider how we address andragogical practices for an aging population.

Theme: How To Stay Young

If you can, please try to send me your second set of responses sometime this next week. Thanks!

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