ED 407 Week Eight (Winter 2021)

This Week we will watch and review the two documentaries from the series Child of our Time 2016. The first, Changing Minds and the second, Changing Times.

This landmark TV experiment has followed the lives of 25 children since the year 2000, documenting their development. Now they are 16-year-old teenagers, exploring the opposite sex, becoming more independent and working out who they are. It’s not just our children who are looking and behaving differently. Since they were born, the very nature of family life and society has transformed. How does growing up in the modern, digital world shape teenage bodies, minds and relationships? This year Child of Our Time discovers what life is like for modern teens and how they are influenced by the changes in their biology, upbringing and the society around them.

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Child of Our Time 2016

Changing Minds Full Video ( 59:33 )

In this episode, Professor Robert Winston and Professor Tanya Byron discover how our teenagers’ changing brains mean that what they choose to do at 16 can shape their lives forever. With surprising new research in human biology and neuroscience, we reveal how the most baffling aspects of teenage life can be explained and illuminated by the latest understanding of the changing teenage brain. The brains of our 16-year-olds are wired to feel more self-conscious, to be more mentally creative, and to feel more intense pleasure than at any other time in their lives. Through intimate stories, compelling archival footage and experiments, Child of Our Time brings you the inside story of today’s 16-year-olds.


Changing Times Full Video (57:09)

Since our teens were born, the world has transformed: from changing families to economic uncertainties and competition, all in the glare of the social media spotlight. In this episode, Professor Robert Winston and Professor Tanya Byron follow our teens through their GCSE year to discover how they are being shaped by these unique times. In a bold experiment, Child of Our Time teens gave us access to their digital lives, opening a 24/7 window into their phone use and the impact of constant connectivity on friendship, sleep and anxiety. As our teens reach this landmark age, we explore how they cope with the challenges of life to build their dreams for the future.