ED 407 Week Ten (Winter 2021)

Hi everyone,

Today I am asking that you view only one documentary for our final viewing and to prepare a one to two page Education Studies reflection. More on that below.

Today’s documentary is called Learn.

Here is your response template.


Learn Full Video (54:16)

Explore the surprising ways your brain and body adapt to your environment throughout your life. See how your experiences can not only change your brain, but also your body, and even your genetic blueprint. Distributed by PBS Distribution.




So there we have it. I hope you feel as though you have broadened and deepened your understanding of the human condition as it applies to education and schooling. You now have completed a variety of summaries that act as a ‘Portfolio of Understanding’ even though you have submitted your work in sections rather than as one large document.


Final Summary 

Even though I have not asked you to compile your three submission into a singular document, you have nevertheless completed the body of your portfolio by writing up your three summaries (today’s included).

In addition to what you have written on each of the documentaries, I ask that you provide a one page summary reflection of the work that you have done in your Education Studies Major. In doing so, you might include the way your understanding of education has changed over the course of your degree. You might include how you see yourself as an educated individual, or where you see yourself transitioning now into the future. It is to be thought of as a portfolio conclusion, a summary of sorts, that speaks to the work you have done and learning you have accomplished over the last few years. 

Please simply include this along with your final set of responses. 




I hope you found ways to think about many different educational and schooling environments as you worked through this class. And, I hope you found way to be transformed in positive ways in the way you see other people and the world.


Please email me your final responses by Monday, March 15. Thanks!


All the best!