ED 407 Syllabus (Spring 2021)

ED 407 Non-Licensure Seminar: Reflective Practice Portfolio

Spring 2021


Instructor: Dr. Dana Ulveland

Email: ulvelad@wou.edu

Phone: 838-8039

Office: 227

Office hours: Please See Main Web Page

Credit: 3 credit hours


Course Description:


In this course we will engage in activities, discussions, and assignments that will strengthen our observation and reflection skills in order to increase our understanding of educational / schooling environments. We will work to uncover particular practices and contexts of teaching in an attempt to build a foundation for our future educational work. By reflecting deeply on what we see in a variety of classrooms and educational settings, we will begin to develop strong skills in communication, critical thinking, inquiry-based teaching and learning, advocacy, culturally and linguistically responsive practices, and innovative uses of technology as they apply to schooling practices.


Course Outcomes:

Students will:

  1. Understand the difference between schooling and education.
 This includes developing a familiarity with how students learn and how teachers teach.
  2. Understand the educational endeavor from multiple philosophical and cultural perspectives.
  3. Understand a variety of strategies for improving student engagement and adapting to diverse learning needs.
  4. Develop a familiarity with the language and concepts used in the teaching profession.
  5. Understand how educational environments are influenced by equity issues (social, gender, cultural, economic, racial and ethnic differences) and language domains.



Required Evidence Showing That Objectives Have Been Met


Written Reflective Responses

We will demonstrate our understandings by writing responses that consider the many facets of schooling and education environments.

Our written responses provide an artifact of our thinking and our actions.

Our written responses will act as a beginning portfolio of educational thought.


How Many Responses and When?

You will do one response per week, though I will ask that you submit your responses on three different occasions.


Written Responses

There will be 3 sets of submissions.

Each submission = 33.3 percent.



Your final grade will be based on both your careful analysis of the documentaries and your written submissions.


A 94 – 100% B- 80 – 83% D 67 – 69%
A- 90 – 93% C 77 – 79% D+ 64 – 66%
B+ 87 – 89% C+ 74 – 76% D- 60 – 63%
B 84-86% C- 70 – 73% F Below 60%


Tentative Course Schedule


Find your Weekly Response Form Here


***** Click the Week 1 (March 29 – April 2) link below to access the first lecture. *****

Week 1 (March 29 – April 2)


The Chinese Takeover

Democracy Left Behind

Civic Education

Communities as Classrooms


Week 2 (April 5 – April 9)

School of the Future

Hope Builders

Schools That Change Communities



Week 3 (April 12 – April 16)

How Difficult Can This Be?

Autism in America

The Einstein Effect

Lost Child? Living With an Intellectual Disability



Week 4 (April 19 – April 23)

Please email your first three weeks of responses to me. Thanks!

The Bullied Have a Voice

Bullying and Suicide

Nature Dazzles


Week 5 (April 26 – April 30)

Growing Up: Child of Our Time

The Medicated Child

Inside the Teenage Brain


Week 6 (May 3 – May 7)

Brooklyn Castle

PS Dance!

Choosing Instructional Approaches

Addressing the Diverse Needs of Students

Developing Students as Artists


Week 7 (May 10 – May 14)

Please email your responses from weeks 4, 5 and 6. Thanks!

Dropout Nation

A Class Divided

Football High


Week 8 (May 17 – May 21)

Changing Minds
Small Matters
Early Childhood


Week 9 (May 24 – May 28)


Digital Addicts
Life at 9
Hobart Shakespeareans


Week 10 (May 31 – June 4)

Seminar Summary Response


Week 11 (Monday, June 7)

Wednesday June 9, Please email your final responses. Thanks!




Accommodations: Students with documented disabilities are entitled under the law to reasonable accommodations. If you have a disability and need accommodations, you should also contact the Office of Disability Services at 503-838-8250.


Respect: In this class, the expectation is of mutual respect. Western Oregon University is an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and strives to reflect the diversity of our pluralistic society in our faculty, staff and students. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, class, linguistic background, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or physical ability. In this class the goal is to establish an environment that values and nurtures individual and group differences and encourages engagement and interaction. Understanding and respecting multiple experiences and perspectives will serve to challenge and stimulate all of us to learn about others, about the larger world and about ourselves. By promoting diversity and intellectual exchange, we will not only mirror society as it is, but also model society as it should and can be.


DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS: If you have a documented disability that may require assistance, you will need to contact the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS) for coordination in your academic accommodations. The ODS is located in the Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC) Suite 405. The phone/TTY is (503) 838-8250.

Military Service Statement: Veterans and active duty military personnel with special circumstances are welcome and encouraged to communicate these, in advance if possible, to the instructor.

Student Success Specialist: Students in this class may be referred to the WOU Student Success Specialist (SSS) if the instructor determines their performance in the class is placing them at academic risk. The SSS will offer to work with referred students to address issues and develop a student success strategy. Irrespective of whether a referral has or has not been made, you are ultimately responsible for tracking your own progress in this course.

WOU Writing Center: If you feel you need additional assistance with your writing, I encourage you to take advantage of the writing center. Help is available. For further information go to: www.wou.edu/writingcenter.

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