ED 200 Week Nine Part 1 (Spring 2022)

Hi everyone,

Here we are in our final stretch. Starting our fourth and final response set.

As teachers, researchers, and educational philosophers, we are always thinking of ways that we might create better learning environments, address issues of discrimination, and level the educational playing field when possible. We think about ways to increase student retention and help students graduate.

You have already been thinking about the importance of the biological body and the brain in learning. It is part of your depth of understanding. Today I will like to invite you to view and respond to a documentary that will take into consideration the way students learn and the way the body has to be considered when designing learning environments. We think about ways to engage students, and ways to make learning relevant.

Let me share the questions with you before you watch the documentary.

Response Question Set Four

Question 1: How are teachers and researchers thinking beyond the information delivery model of teaching and thinking of ways to engage students and to helps students succeed? Please share with me some specific examples.

In an earlier class we also considered the importance of being able to attend and focus on what is being learned (recall the task-switching lesson). In the following documentary we will hear how stress can be a detrimental factory in student learning (around the 16:00 mark).

Question 2: How can stress be a detriment to student learning? (around the 8:54 mark and the 30:00 mark)

Question 3: Many experts believe that parental involvement is critical in the educational development of children. How so? (around the 19:00 mark)

Question 4: When you watched the Hobart Shakespeareans, you saw how good reading instruction can have a powerful effect on students. How can parents play a role in helping their children become good readers? (around the 20:00 mark)

Question 5: What is GRIT? (around the 39:00 mark)

Question 6: I have always told my children, and I tell my advisees, to do your best but never beat yourself up when you don’t succeed. Ensure you have balance in your life, and try to love what you do. And when you don’t succeed, take the advice of Ben Zander–throw your arms in the air and say ‘How fascinating.” Some schools are taking student wellness very seriously. What is your position on the importance of Wellness in schools? What advice would you give students? (around the 1:14:00 mark)


School of the Future


Once the envy of the world, American schools are now in trouble. Can the science of learning— including new insights from neuroscientists, psychologists, and educators—reveal how kids’ brains work and tell us which techniques are most likely to engage and inspire growing minds? Teachers, students, parents, and scientists take center stage as NOVA explores a new vision for the School of the Future.

Distributed by PBS Distribution.

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