ED 200 Art Book / Textbook Rubric


Art Book / Textbook Assessment Rubric 



Score of 4

Score of 3

Score of 2

Score of 1

Required Elements 


Goes over and above all the required elements stated in the directions & instructions.

Includes all of the required elements as stated in the directions/instructions.

Missing one or more of the required elements as stated in the directions/instructions.

Several required elements are missing from the project.



Exceptionally clever and unique in showing deep understanding.

Thoughtfully and uniquely presented; clever at times in showing understanding of the material.

A few original touches enhance the project to show some understanding of the material.

Shows little creativity, originality and/or effort in understanding the material.

Neatness and Attractiveness


Exceptionally attractive and particularly neat in design and layout.

Attractive and neat in design and layout.

Acceptably attractive but may be messy at times and/or show lack of organization.

Distractingly messy or very poorly designed. Does not show pride in work.



No grammatical or mechanical mistakes in the project.

A few grammatical/mechanical mistakes which are not distracting.

Several grammatical/mechanical mistakes which are distracting.

Many grammatical or mechanical mistakes throughout the project. Clearly not proofread.

Understanding of Content


Shows a sophisticated understanding of the themes in the work.

Shows an understanding of the major themes of the book.

Displays a somewhat limitedunderstanding of the book. May have a few misinterpretations.

Does not show an understanding of the text. Misses plot points and has quite a few misinterpretations.

Total Score: /20