ED 407 Week Four (Fall 2022)

Hi Everyone,

Before I start, just a reminder that if you haven’t shared your responses from the first three weeks, please send those to me as soon as you can. Thanks 🙂

This week I will create three parts similar to last week.

Part one will be especially interesting for those of you who have an interest in Special Education. The video documentary here will be a continuation of sorts from the F.A.T City documentary from last week.

Part two will address bullying and gender stereotyping.

Part Three will continue the Career Path theme for those of you exploring career options.

Here is your response template.


Part 1 Special Education


Beyond F.A.T. City: A Look Back, a Look Ahead—A Conversation about Special Education Full Video (01:31:39)


F.A.T.—frustration, anxiety, tension—are three all-too-familiar feelings for children with learning disabilities and their families. In this program, Richard D. Lavoie, creator of the original F.A.T. City Workshop, reviews the history and philosophy of that project, the major trends and issues in the field of learning disabilities since the late 1980s, and the challenges ahead for educators and parents of children with LD. Lavoie is known worldwide for his powerful and provocative presentations on learning disabilities and has worked in special education for decades as a teacher, an administrator, an author, and a consultant. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (90 minutes)


Inclusion: A Service Not a Place Full Video (29:18) 


This video, hosted by Drs. Alan Gartner and Dorothy Lipsky, provides a comprehensive framework for administrators, teachers and staff developers to build effective schoolwide inclusion through an approach that focuses on “service” rather than “location” in teaching special education students. Using clips from actual classrooms, the framework takes on additional meaning as viewers observe theory being put into practice in real classrooms.



Part 2 Student Interactions


Hear Me Now: The Bullied Have a Voice (50:48)


Hear Me Now is a stylish and poignant documentary featuring compelling stories from dozens who have been affected by bullying in schools and continue to be affected, giving viewers a candid look inside the world of bullying and the inspiration to find hope amid the darkness.


Bullying and Suicide: Think About It (21:00)


Bullying is not “just a rite of passage.” In actuality, says the National Crime Prevention Council, it’s a leading factor in suicide among kids 11 to 16 years of age. And although bullying is only one of a number of suicide-related risk factors impacting tweens and teens, the fact that the term “bullycide” has entered the lexicon is a telling sign of how closely linked bullying and suicide are perceived to be. Structured around two scenarios in which a boy and a girl commit suicide after repeatedly being bullied, this video offers valuable insights into bully and victim psychology, types of bullying, and anti-bullying behavior through penetrating commentary by Erica Perlow of the Chatham County North Carolina Bullying Prevention Task Force and psychologist April Harris-Britt. In addition, alternate scenarios are included that illustrate how bystanders to bullying can help neutralize some of the cumulative psychological effects of bullying that could—and too frequently do—push students to take their own lives. A Cambridge Educational/Endeavor Pictures Coproduction. (21 minutes)

Nature Dazzles (28:00)

In this documentary, children and teachers were interviewed at The Grove Community School in Toronto during Gender Splendor week in April 2017. The film shows the children engaged in workshops designed for both non-binary-conforming and cisgender-identifying children. The workshops provide them with tools to ponder, question, and defy gender stereotypes prevalent in society, culture, and the media. Suggesting that this progressive approach should be adopted in all schools to increase awareness of violence against LGBT children and teens, the goal of the film is to sensitize viewers to the struggles this group of children experiences in the educational system.


Part 3 Career Path


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Full Video (28:44)


The differences between knowledge, skills, and abilities are made clear in this video, which presents basic skills required by employers and identified by the U.S. Department of Labor SCANS Report. Real-life uses for this information are shown. (28 minutes)


Keeping Track of Self-Knowledge and Exploration Full Video


This video expands the personal career profile by helping students recognize their preferred values and interests, as well as their current and potential skills. (28 minutes)


Introduction to Career and Educational Exploration Full Video 


Changes in the world of work are examined in this video. It introduces three major areas of change—technology, globalization, and workforce demographics—as well as strategies for adapting, which are expanded in following episodes. (29 minutes)


The Changing Workplace: Technology and Globalization Full Video (27:34)


This video focuses on how technology has changed work, and outlines basic concepts of how and where work can happen. Students are introduced to the principles of global business and the skills essential to stay employable in a global economy. (27 minutes)


What Employers Want: Skills and Attitudes Full Video (28:18)


Attitudes and characteristics essential for success are explored in this video. It shows students how to recognize their transferable skills and evaluate work readiness. (28 minutes)


I hope you found the documentaries interesting.

Until next time, have a great week!