ED 200 Week Four Part 1 (Fall 2022)

Hi everyone,

Here is a copy of the project we have started working on.


ED 200 Project One (Fall 2022)

In this simple project we will be examining textbook teaching manuals in order to see the extent to which all of the modalities (as articulated in our modality frame) are being addressed.  The question that moves our interest is this: Are school concepts, as they are portrayed in the teacher editions of Oregon public schools adopted texts, articulated in such a way that all of the modalities are clear for the teacher (suggested activities) and enhance and encourage a depth and breadth of students’ understanding?


  1. Choose a subject area of interest.

2. Pick a concept from a teacher edition in your subject area of interest.

3. Ensure the concept you have chosen is being introduced for the first time. Do this by finding the same textbook from the previous year to see if the concept is introduced there.

4. Once you have determined that you have found the initial introduction of the concept, analyze how the concept is being introduced, and to what extent the “modalities” are made clear to teachers and students.

5. Now look for any indication of how ‘knowledge’ is being addressed. Does the textbook appear to adopt a spectator theory of knowledge or an embodied sense of knowledge?

6. In addition to developing your art page, gather any supporting documentation that will help you present your findings to other students in our next class.

7. In our next class you will be randomly placed with a group of students. As a group, you will prepare a short presentation for the class synthesizing all of your findings. You will report on the way the concepts are to be taught and to what extent the variety of modalities are articulated and promoted, and how knowledge is being portrayed.

8. For your presentation, be prepared to include your main points on a printout that you can project on the document camera. And, include a copy of the textbook page so that you can refer to that in your presentation.

We will organize in groups on Wednesday, October.  19th.