ED 407 Week Seven (Fall 2022)

Hi Everyone,

This week, as usual, I will include our Career Moves section for those of you exploring your options in the pursuit of a new career. If you do happen to be exploring career options I have also included a link to a series called: Career Options for Women. In addition to the career oriented documentaries and videos I am including two other topic areas that we have not really encountered yet — the student athlete, and the future of the arts in education. I think you will find something of interest in these.

Please choose any of the following. Please note: because of the length of school arts and career options for women, these will also be included on future weeks. They are longer that you would reasonable be able to complete in one week.

Here is a link to your Response Form.



Part 1 Sport

Student Athlete Full Video (01:28:04)


An HBO Sports documentary produced in collaboration with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Steve Stoute, Student Athlete examines the complex rules of amateur athletics, and how they affect uncompensated athletes and their families. Each year, student athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies, yet a vast majority earn nothing for themselves and leave school with few resources for careers outside of sports. Directed by Oscar® winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Trish Dalton, this hard-hitting, often-poignant exposé unveils the exploitative world of high-revenue college sports through the compelling stories of four young men at different stages in their athletic careers, as well as two others: a coach-turned-advocate for student athletes, and an anonymous whistle-blowing shoe rep. Weaving together interviews, vérité and archival footage, and social-media posts, Student Athlete highlights the perils and promises facing young athletes as they reach for their dreams, but who are often left with physical injuries and financial hardships on their quest to become professional athletes.

An HBO Production.


Part 2 Future of Arts Education


Class Act: Jay W. Jensen and the Future of Arts Education in America—Educator’s Edition Full Video (03:56:25)



From the executive producers of Super Size Me and director Sara Sackner, this program examines the deplorable atrophy of arts education in America’s classrooms by contrasting the crisis with the story of one very dedicated, inspiring high school drama teacher: Jay W. Jensen, who over a 50-year career touched the lives of many with the transformational power of the arts. Renowned pupils—actor Andy Garcia, film director Brett Ratner, songwriter Desmond Child, and sportscaster Roy Firestone, to name only four—speak out alongside Alfie Kohn, author of The Schools Our Children Deserve; Dana Gioia, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts; Robert Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts; Richard Deasy, director of the Arts Education Partnership; educators, administrators, and school board members; and students. A lucid argument for the vital importance of arts education in the American public school system. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Bonus material consists of celebrity interviews and a featurette.


Part 3 Career Options for Women

This series is composed of 35 video documentaries that speak to women succeeding in historically male-dominated occupations. If you choose this option, please feel free to pick and choose from the videos. Obviously there are many more than you could possibly watch, but keep in mind, if you do find this of value and you want to continue exploring this section, I will keep it as an option for the next couple of weeks.

Women who have succeeded in historically male-dominated occupations—many of them in technology, transportation, and high-skilled labor—are spotlighted in this 35-part series. Revealing the personal experiences and insights of women in a wide range of cutting-edge fields, the series raises viewer awareness, confidence, and excitement about career opportunities. Young women who have not yet entered the workforce will see that the sky is the limit, and viewers in general will understand how companies and work environments are enriched by greater diversity. 35-part series, 24 minutes each.

Part 4 Career Moves

Goal Setting and Action Planning Full Video (28:19)

This video helps students establish criteria for attainable goals and objectives, and shows them how to evaluate goals on the basis of these criteria. Students begin to draft their own goal lists and action plans for implementing their search. (28 minutes



Finding Opportunities: New Technologies and Current Techniques Full Video (27:59)


This video illustrates how to access the hidden or unadvertised job market, guiding the development of a networking statement and presenting methods of seeking work, including cold calls, temporary assignments, and volunteer positions. (28 minutes)





Stress management and time budgeting techniques are introduced in this video, along with an overall approach to staying motivated and focused. (27 minutes)



Resume Preparation Full Video (27:29) 


This video covers the development and use of chronological and functional resumes. Students learn how to create accomplishment statements that use action verbs and display concrete results. (27 minutes)


That’s all for today. I hope you feel as though you are enhancing your depth and breadth of understanding in terms of educational contexts.

Until next time, have a great week!