ED 200 Week Nine Part 2 (Fall 2022)

Hi everyone,

Today I will ask that you complete one assignment. This is the Education Disposition Assessment Instruction Sheet. The Educator Disposition Assessment is something that every student taking and education class is asked to complete. By doing this you will gain some insight as to the expected dispositions your supervisors will be expecting. In the future, your supervisors will be filling out these forms. But we set this up in ED 200 so that you can fill out the form yourself. When you do the assessment you should assess yourself honestly. Keep track of anything with a low score and begin to improve. Then by the time you are finishing up your Education Degree you will have everything nailed.

The way you score yourself does not affect your grade. This is not part of your responses. But it is an assessment that is expected to be completed.

Here we go 🙂 Instructions follow:


Educator Disposition Assessment Instruction Sheet


All students taking ED 200 are expected to complete a self-assessment on their ‘professional dispositions’ that are a part of the requirements for becoming a licensed teacher. This is called the Educator Dispositions Assessment (EDA). Although not all of you will choose to pursue teacher licensure at WOU, I hope that ED 200 has introduced you to the expectations of professional educators. If you continue on the pathway towards becoming a licensed educator, each term your College of Education professors will submit an EDA for you at the end of term; these EDA scores will be a part of your application process for the ED program. As such, I want you to be familiar with the assessment and what it measures. Please follow the directions below carefully. This entire activity should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

I want to make clear to you that by you doing this assessment, you are getting a chance to see what professors in the College of Education are looking for as far as potential teachers’ dispositions. As you have come to know from this class, teachers are expected to act in certain professional ways and have qualities that will help them and their students succeed. By filling out this assessment on your own, you will hopefully recognize areas of personal strength and areas you would like to improve on. I don’t grade your own assessment. So be honest in your assessment and keep a copy for yourself.

Here we go 🙂


1) Here is a PDF of the assessment tool. You will need this:

EDA Assessment Tool

2) If you are able to print the EDA, you can ‘mark your scores’ on it as a first draft. If you are not able to print the EDA assessment tool, please use a sheet of paper and number from 1-9. You will be watching a video that describes each line of the rubric for the EDA.

As you watch the video, please self-score yourself on each rubric item. As a reminder: although completing the EDA is a requirement for ED 200, you are not graded on your assessment score. It is perfectly acceptable and likely accurate to NOT score yourself as completely proficient in each area. There is no penalty for ED 200 or for your later application to the ED program for self scoring yourself as having areas where continued growth is necessary (developing or needs improvement).

3) Watch this video that overviews the EDA Assessment tool. The link is below. As you watch, self score yourself either on the EDA tool or on your own sheet of paper. You can pause the video at any time to more closely read the indicators or to reflect on what self score you think is most appropriate. Some of the indicators will apply more directly once you are in a student teaching placement. But, you will have a good idea of some of the expectations others will have of you as you work through the Education program.


Click on this link for a captioned version of the video.


4) Finally, complete this survey link, and enter your self scores on the EDA Assessment tool here:



There, that was easy enough.

Have a great day!